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After more than two years of extensive research with leading experts in science, medicine and sleep, the National Sleep Foundation issues its updated sleep duration recommendations.

The new recommendations highlight the importance of sleep in achieving good health. The new recommendations are broken down by age, and discuss recommended and appropriate ranges for every group, from newborns to aging parents. Click here to view NSF's recommendation.


  • A recommended amount of hours, and a new range, "may be appropriate" was added. This is to acknowledge individual variability in appropriate sleep durations.
  • While the range of sleep for newborns narrowed, sleep for all age groups widened by one to two hours.
  • Two new age group categories were created for older adults (65+) and younger adults (18-25). The recommended adult sleep duration remains the same at 7-9 hours, but the sleep range for older adults is recommended to be 7-8 hours.

The new report is published in Sleep Health: The Official Journal of the National Sleep Foundation. Visit the Journal to learn more. Health care professionals can send patients to, an online publication of the National Sleep Foundation.

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